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Aside from improving your game, we strive to keep you playing longer. This means injury prevention and recovery is an important topic we will continue to cover.

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We’re going to reinvent your stretching & warmup routine. Don’t have one yet? Well, you’re not alone. Most players go straight from their car to the court without a single preventative stretch.

A risky move when you consider these types of headlines:

Pickleball Injury Headlines

Even our social media posts are riddled with comments about injuries!

Pickleball Injury Social Media Comments

But please, don’t let this scare you off!

With a little planning and prevention, you can de-risk your pickleball sessions and even boost your capabilities on the court.

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Brady, our resident Pickleball Physical Trainer, put together a mini course just for you, titled:

Strategic Stretching for Pickleball: A Game-Changing Routine

Imagine if you could play with more confidence, agility, and power – without the nagging worry of getting hurt.

Sounds fantastic, right?!

That’s what we aimed to build with this course – a starter’s guide to not only preventing the most common injuries but also preparing our bodies for high-performance pickleball.

This course isn’t just a set of stretches; it’s a transformation in how you play. Here’s what’s inside:

✅ Three individualized routines built for varying skill levels.

Quick stretch routine to get you on the court fast but still reduce your risk of injury.

Warm-up techniques that boost your agility and reaction time on the court.

Don’t wait until an injury sidelines you. Act now to make your game stronger, safer, and more fun.

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