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About Us

You’ve probably heard the same story countless times. Discovering pickleball was a moment of enlightenment, like reaching nirvana.

A healthy outdoor activity that turned into a passion or lifestyle.

It has positively affected millions of people, and there are no signs of the sport slowing down.

Consider Pickleball Union as the gasoline being thrown on the fire.

We deliver powerful stories, useful analysis, trending news, and helpful resources that stoke the flame of each reader

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Our Editorial Process

First, Pickleball Union is dedicated to making our content informative, easy to understand, and engaging. If we don’t hit that basic mark, we have failed you.

Second, real pickleball players are behind every word we publish.

Our content is developed, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified researchers, writers, editors, and professionals—all players themselves.

But we don’t stop there…

• All health-related content goes through robust research and review by qualified health experts.

• All products highlighted in reviews and buying guides undergo a rigorous testing and review process.

• All pickleball training content is reviewed and enhanced by PPR Certified Instructors.

Meet Our Team


William East

Pro Player & Coach

William is a Gearbox sponsored 5.0 player with multiple gold medals under his belt. Having picked up pickleball back in 2018, William has gained recognition for his fantastic training videos. Catch him at APP and PPA tour stops across the country or follow him to learn more.


Jane Hollon

Pro Pickleball Commentator

Jane Hollon is obsessed with all things pickleball. From playing 15-20 hours a week to watching every professional point available on youtube to spending all of her money on pickleball tournaments, it’s getting out of hand. She’s currently documenting her amateur pickleball journey and sharing very unsolicited pro pickleball opinions on Instagram and TikTok.

Pickleball Union's resident physical trainer - Brady Burman-Magday

Brady Burman-Magday

Injury-Prevention Specialist

Brady Burman-Magday is a strength coach and personal trainer specializing in pickleball. Committed to keeping players healthy and strong, he crafts tailored programs and puts out educational content across social media. Brady’s expertise supports pickleball enthusiasts of all levels, ensuring they stay in the game they love.


Leland Orfield

Editor & Chief

Leland is a lifelong sports fan with a newfound passion for pickleball. He’s been writing about the game for nearly a year now and enjoys watching pro pickleball in his free time. Go Milwaukee Mashers!


Jerusha Paine & Courteney Landis

Amateur Pickleball Team

Pickleball world, meet your new favorite duo, the Pickle Sisters. AKA Ru and Court, these two firebrands and former collegiate athletes have their sights set on going pickleball pro. Follow their journey today!


Michael Jurek

Coach & Community Organizer

An avid tennis player that crossed over to Pickleball in 2021 and haven’t gone back since. Founder of Cleveland Pickleball and have hosted multiple amateur tournaments, leagues and clinics across Northeast, OH.  I also write a monthly pickleball newsletter to my growing community of ~1,000 members.

Dan Staub Headshot

Dan Staub

Sponsor Sales Lead

Dan is a content-focused operator who has helped brands nationwide connect with new audiences. He is based in Atlanta, GA, where he enjoys playing pickleball and golf, attending Braves games, and making homemade lamps.

Adam Howarth


Adam has been crazy about sports since he watched the 1970 Soccer World Cup on a black-and-white television set! Pickleball came onto his radar a few years ago and it has fascinated him ever since.

Christina Pichler

Christina Pichler

Sponsor Operations

Yes, Pichler…Christina spends her days writing about pickleball and her weekends playing in family tournaments.

Drew McCartt - Pickleball Product Reviewer

Drew McCartt

Product Review Manager

Drew combines his passion as an outdoorsman, sport fishing writer, amateur pickleball player and league co-leader/beginners coach, with his experience as a product review specialist for an online retailer. As a discerning consumer advocate he brings a special perspective to test and review pickleball products. Game on!

Paul Lemley headshot - founder of pickleball union

Paul Lemley

Founder & CEO

Having played pickleball for over a decade, Paul is delighted to combine his love for the media industry with his passion for the game. You’ll find him ready for a challenger at the Riverwalk Common Courts, downtown Milwaukee, WI.