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Cedar Rapids Top Pickleball Courts

10 hard courts, with 6 located indoors and 4 outdoors. While a tennis net is provided, players are responsible for marking their own lines on the court. Various facilities are available for players, including restrooms, a food service area, a pro shop or equipment store, locker rooms, and water stations. In order to play, a membership is required.
6 hard courts available for outdoor use. The net used on these courts is slightly higher than the standard pickleball net. Amenities such as restrooms and water are provided. The courts can be used free of charge.
4 indoor courts available for use. The court lines are permanently marked, and portable nets are provided. A membership is necessary to access and play on these courts. The facility offers amenities such as lighting for optimal visibility during play.
4 indoor courts available for use, with permanent court lines and portable nets provided. These courts can be used free of charge. Amenities such as lighting are available to ensure proper visibility during play.
3 outdoor courts made of hard and wood surfaces. The facility provides amenities such as restrooms, water access, and lighting. To play on these courts, a membership is necessary.
2 outdoor hard courts available for use. These courts are overlaid on a tennis court, resulting in a slightly taller net compared to a standard pickleball net. The courts can be used free of charge.
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As the fastest-growing sport in America, pickleball is making waves across the country, including in the great state of Iowa. Check out the Smashpark in West Des Moines, Smithfield Tennis and Pickleball Center in Cedar Rapids,…