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    If you’re on the hunt for a paddle that gives you great control without skimping on quality, the PIKKL Vantage Pro 16mm might be what you’re looking for. With its 16mm polymer core and carbon fiber face, this paddle is all about enhancing your gameplay with a perfect blend of touch and force.

    Let’s unpack what makes the PIKKL Vantage Pro worth your money.

    PIKKL Vantage Pro 16mm
    • Material: Carbon Fiber Face.
    • Core: 16mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core.
    • Weight: Average weight of 7.9 oz.
    • Grip Size: 4 1/4 inches.
    • Sweet Spot: Larger.

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    The Specs

    MaterialCarbon Fiber Face, Polymer Core
    Weight7.9 oz
    Width8 inches
    Length15.75 inches
    Handle Length5 inches
    Grip Size4.25 inches
    PIKKL Vantage Pro 16mm
    PIKKL Vantage Pro 16mm


    Built for precision, the PIKKL Vantage Pro is encased in Thermoformed Unibody Construction, creating a paddle that’s not only durable but also offers a stable, absorbent response during play. This design expands the sweet spot and enhances torsional rigidity, letting you place those tricky drops and dinks exactly where you want them.

    The paddle’s Raw Carbon Fiber Multiweave surface ensures the ball doesn’t just bounce off; it sticks where you hit it, allowing for slicing serves and topspin drives that’ll keep your opponents guessing.

    Good Control and Precision

    The PIKKL Vantage Pro’s 16mm polymer core is a game-changer, providing a fantastic feel and sound upon ball contact. It’s particularly forgiving, making it easier to place shots with precision, even off-center hits.

    The weight distribution across the paddle facilitates swift movements and a solid defense.

    Energizing Power Dynamics & Spin

    Despite its focus on control, the PIKKL Vantage Pro does not hold back on delivering some power. as well The carbon fiber face of the paddle grips the ball effectively, allowing players to generate considerable spin and maintain aggressive play at the net.

    This combination of control and power makes it an excellent choice for players who enjoy a dynamic, varied style of play.

    The PIKKL Vantage Pro is designed with a textured carbon fiber surface that greatly enhances the spin of the paddle. This feature allows players to execute more complex shots with precise spin.

    Agility and Speed: The Maneuverability Factor

    Weighing in at a balanced 7.9 ounces, the Vantage Pro offers exceptional maneuverability, making it easy to handle at the net and during fast exchanges. The design promotes quick wrist action and agility, enabling players to make swift directional changes and react instantaneously to their opponents’ shots.

    This lightweight nature doesn’t sacrifice power, providing a nimble yet potent tool for competitive play.

    PIKKL Vantage Pro 16mm Carbon Fiber
    PIKKL Vantage Pro 16mm paddle

    Expansive Sweet Spot for Consistent Strikes

    The PIKKL Vantage Pro boasts a large sweet spot, thanks to its 16mm thick polymer core and wide body design. This generous sweet spot ensures that even off-center hits still result in effective, controlled returns.

    It’s a forgiving feature that enhances play consistency, particularly beneficial for intermediate players looking to develop confidence and precision in their stroke play.

    Price Point

    Priced at $139.99, the PIKKL Vantage Pro represents excellent value in the low-to-mid range market segment. This price is accessible for many pickleball enthusiasts who are looking to invest in a quality paddle without stretching into the higher-end price brackets.

    This price point is especially appealing considering the advanced technology and durability it offers, positioning the PIKKL Vantage Pro as an attractive option for both intermediate and beginner players.


    • Excellent control with a 16mm thick polymer core
    • Durable carbon fiber face enhances spin
    • Ideal weight balance for both power and maneuverability
    • Extended handle for a comfortable two-handed grip


    • May feel heavier for players used to lighter paddles

    Comparison to Similar Paddles

    FeaturePIKKL Vantage Pro 16mmSelkirk SLK Halo XLFranklin FS Tour Dynasty 14mmVulcan V550 Hybrid
    Core Thickness16mm13mm14mm13mm
    MaterialTextured surface for spinCarbon Fiber FaceCompositeComposite
    WeightLightweight for maneuverabilityLightweightHeavier (less maneuverable)Moderate
    Sweet SpotLargeLargeModerateModerate
    Spin ControlSuperiorGoodModerateModerate
    Price Point$139.99$139.99$139.99$139.99
    Best ForPlayers valuing spin and controlPower hittersPower hittersPower hitters

    I compared the PIKKL Vantage Pro with 3 similar paddles in the same price range: the Selkirk SLK Halo XL, Franklyn FS Tour Dynasty 14mm, and the Vulcan V550.

    The Selkirk SLK Halo XL is known for its larger sweet spot and lightweight carbon fiber face, which aids in control and power hitting. However, the PIKKL Vantage Pro edges it out with superior spin control due to its textured surface, making it better for players who prioritize spin over sheer power.

    *Check out our full review of the Selkirk SLK Halo XL.

    The Franklin FS Tour Dynasty, with its 14mm core, provides solid power and control but is heavier, which can impact maneuverability. In contrast, the PIKKL Vantage Pro, with its 16mm polymer core, not only offers comparable control and a larger sweet spot but also maintains a lighter weight for enhanced maneuverability.

    The Vulcan V550 While the Vulcan is suitable for power hitters, the PIKKL paddle is ideal for those looking to refine their game with more precise, spin-focused techniques.

    Should I Buy This Paddle?

    If you’re a beginner/intermediate looking for a paddle that offers great control without sacrificing power, the PIKKL Vantage Pro 16mm is definitely worth considering. It’s priced higher than some entry-level options but justified by its performance enhancements and quality construction.

    Ideal for players who are serious about stepping up their game and demand a paddle that can keep up with their growing skills.

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