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Baltimore Top Pickleball Courts

6 indoor hard courts with permanent lines and portable nets. Reservations can be made in advance. To engage in playing, a membership is obligatory. Restrooms, a pro shop or equipment store, water, and lighting are all provided as amenities.
6 outdoor hard courts. These are free with no available reservations. Amenities include restrooms, water, and lights.
3 outdoor concrete courts. The lines are overlaid on a tennis court, causing the height of the pickleball net to be somewhat higher. No fees are charged for using the courts. Lighting is available for players to use.
3 outdoor hard courts. You’ll need to make your own lines and provide your own equipment for playing. The courts do not require any payment to use. Restrooms are available for the players
2 free outdoor asphalt courts with parmanent lines. To play you’ll need to bring your own net. Restrooms are available for the players.
2 outdoor concrete courts. The net is a little taller than a normal one. The courts are free.
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Not only can you play pickleball on clay courts, but this style of play is increasing in popularity. Clay court pickleball now has its own national tournament—the US Clay Court Pickleball Championships. The explosion of popularity…