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Detroit Top Pickleball Courts

10 dedicated indoor courts with permanent lines and nets. Amenities include restrooms. The courts can be reserved. To play, a membership is mandatory.
10 dedicated outdoor courts with permanent lines and nets. A one-time payment is necessary to access the courts. The facilities have restrooms.
7 hard courts, with 4 being outdoors and 3 indoors. The court lines are permanent, and movable nets are provided. These courts are available for use without any charge.
5 indoor hard courts with permanent lines and portable nets. To play, a single payment is mandatory. The players can use the lighting facilities.
2 indoor wooden courts available, with permanent court markings and movable nets provided. Restrooms, water supply, and wheelchair accessibility are among the amenities offered. The courts cannot be booked in advance, and a membership is mandatory to access them.
4 indoor hard courts with permanent lines. Movable nets are provided, and a single payment is necessary to play. Lighting and restroom facilities are available as amenities
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