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Manchester Top Pickleball Courts

6 outdoor asphalt courts. The courts are dedicated and have fixed lines and nets. You can use these courts without any charges.
6 free dedicated outdoor hard courts with permanent lines and nets. The facilities available consist of washrooms. It is not possible to book or reserve the area in advance.
3 indoor wood courts. The markings of the court’s lines are permanent, but you have to provide your own net. To participate in games, you need to have a membership. The facilities available include washrooms.
1 indoor wood court with permanent lines and portable nets. Washrooms are available as facilities. To participate in games, you have to pay a one-time fee.
2 outdoor hard courts. The height of the net is slightly more than the standard size of a pickleball net. The facility provides facilities such as washrooms and drinking water. The usage of the courts is free of charge.
2 indoor courts with permanent lines, but you have to bring your own net to use them. The usage of the courts is free of charge.
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