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Tulsa Top Pickleball Courts

6 hard courts indoors that have been marked with tape lines, and there are movable nets to use. The facilities include bathrooms, a shop that sells sports equipment, water, lighting, changing rooms, training sessions, and food. To use the courts, a fee is necessary.
4 dedicated indoor courts that have permanent nets and lines. The facilities have lighting available. In order to use these courts, a membership is mandatory.
4 dedicated outdoor courts with permanent lines and nets. These are free to use.
3 indoor courts with fixed lines, but portable nets can be set up. The facility has additional amenities such as food, restrooms, and water available. To play, a single fee is necessary.
2 outdoor hard courts that are exclusively designated for playing pickleball, with permanent nets and lines. These courts are available at no cost and cannot be reserved in advance.
2 indoor courts made of grass, with fixed lines and movable nets. The facilities provided include restrooms, food, wheelchair accessibility, lighting, a shop that sells sports equipment, and water. To use these courts, players need to pay a one-time fee.
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