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    We got our hands on the VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard Carbon Fiber paddle, and after a few weeks of court tests, we must say that we’re pleasantly surprised with its performance.

    One of multiple “house brands” launched by Pickleball Central, the RAW 6C+ is no slouch amongst its competitors. Let’s dive into the details…

    VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard
    • Enhanced Spin Control: Raw carbon fiber surface improves spin on every shot.
    • Balanced Play: 15mm polypropylene core offers a perfect blend of power and control.
    • Comfort Grip: Perforated handle wrap ensures a comfortable, secure grip during play.
    • Wide Sweet Spot: Traditional shape provides a forgiving and broad hitting area.

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    The Specs

    Surface MaterialRaw Carbon Fiber
    Core Material15mm Polypropylene Honeycomb
    Weight8.0 ounces
    Handle Length5.25 inches
    Grip Circumference4-1/8 inches
    Paddle Dimensions10.25″ L x 7.9″ W
    VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard pickleball paddle
    VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard pickleball paddle


    if you’re in the market for a well-rounded paddle that supports a variety of play styles – the VERSIX RAW 6C+ is a compelling choice.

    From aggressive drives, precise control at the net, and even a surprising amount of spin control, it delivers professional-grade features at a mid-range price.

    Advanced Materials for Optimal Performance

    This paddle features a 10.25″ long by 7.9″ wide hitting surface made from raw carbon fiber, known for its robustness and ability to provide a responsive touch. This paddle material choice is not accidental; raw carbon fiber is celebrated for its spin-imparting qualities, allowing for an impressive ball dwell time on the paddle’s surface.

    This interaction between the ball and the paddle surface enhances your ability to execute spin-heavy shots that can bewilder your opponents.

    Core Construction for Enhanced Control

    The VERSIX RAW 6C+ utilizes a 15mm thick polypropylene honeycomb core, a specification chosen for its outstanding impact absorption properties. This thickness perfectly balances power and control, enabling the paddle to eat up vibrations while providing a substantial, forgiving touch on every shot.

    This makes the paddle particularly effective for players who appreciate a paddle that supports nuanced play without losing the power capacity when needed.

    VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard Carbon Fiber pickleball paddle
    VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard Carbon Fiber pickleball paddle

    Ergonomic and Comfortable Design

    The handle of the VERSIX RAW 6C+ measures 5.25 inches long with a circumference of 4-1/8 inches, wrapped in a perforated comfort grip that ensures a firm and comfortable hold even during the most intense play sessions.

    This thoughtful design element is crucial for maintaining control and precision during extended rallies and can be a boon for players who prefer a two-handed backhand.

    Broad Sweet Spot

    Unlike some paddles that focus on elongation or a narrower face for power, the traditional shape of the VERSIX RAW 6C+ Standard ensures a broad sweet spot. This generous sweet spot is forgiving, making it easier to hit effective shots even when your swing isn’t perfectly aligned.

    This feature is valuable during fast-paced exchanges at the net, where quick reflexes and paddle responsiveness are critical.

    Affordable Price Point

    Given its price of $109.99, the VERSIX RAW 6C+ Standard stands out by offering a high-quality, durable raw carbon fiber surface that competes with more expensive paddles in terms of spin and control.

    For players who value these aspects and are looking for a paddle to enhance their strategic game without breaking the bank, the VERSIX RAW 6C+ offers an excellent balance of features, performance, and price.

    VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard Carbon Fiber pickleball paddle
    VERSIX® RAW 6C+ Standard Carbon Fiber pickleball paddle


    • Exceptional ball spin and control
    • Forgiving on off-center hits
    • Comfortable handle with a perforated grip
    • Durable edge guard protection


    • Sweet spot designs may reduce consistency in spin
    • It might feel lightweight for players used to heavier paddles

    Comparison to Similar Paddles

    FeatureVERSIX RAW 6C+Selkirk Amped S2 X5 FiberFlexPaddletek Tempest Wave ProOnix Z5 Graphite
    Core MaterialPolypropylene honeycombX5 Polypropylene corePolypropylene CoreNomex honeycomb
    Face MaterialRaw carbon fiberFiberFlex fiberglassTextured graphite surfaceGraphite
    Weight~8.0 ounces~7.9 to 8.4 ounces~7.6 to 8.0 ounces~7.5 to 8.2 ounces
    Handle Length5.25 inches4.5 inches5.25 inches5 inches
    Paddle Length16 inches15.75 inches15.88 inches15.5 inches
    Paddle Width7.9 inches8.25 inches8 inches8.3 inches
    Sweet SpotLarge – favors controlVery large, enhances powerLarge, excels in control and touchLarge, designed for fast gameplay
    Best ForPlayers valuing spin and controlPlayers looking for power and touchPlayers needing high-level controlPlayers who prefer speed and lightness

    When comparing the VERSIX RAW 6C+ with similar paddles in the same range, including the Selkirk Amped S2 X5 FiberFlex paddle, Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro, or Onix Z5 Graphite, it’s clear that it sits comfortably in the middle of the price range.

    While the Selkirk Amped S2 X5 offers enhanced power due to its more prominent sweet spot and innovative materials, the VERSIX RAW 6C+ has a superior spin capability thanks to its raw carbon fiber surface. The price of the Selkirk is notably higher, making the VERSIX RAW 6C+ a more cost-effective option for players who value spin and control over sheer power.

    The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is on the higher end of the price spectrum but is praised for its top-notch performance in control and touch. However, for players looking for a similar level of control with added spin potential and a more affordable price tag, the VERSIX RAW 6C+ is a compelling alternative.

    The Onix Z5 comes at a lower price point and is excellent for those seeking a lightweight and fast paddle; however, it may not offer the same level of spin control as the VERSIX RAW 6C+. For players explicitly looking to enhance their spin techniques without compromising on power or control, the slightly higher investment in the VERSIX RAW 6C+ could be justified.

    Should I Buy This Paddle?

    If you’re looking for a high-performance paddle that balances control with aggressive spin capabilities, the VERSIX RAW 6C+ Standard is a solid choice. Its standard shape and advanced materials cater to defensive plays and powerful drives, making it a versatile addition to your pickleball arsenal.

    The price point is reasonable for the technology offered, making it a smart investment for both competitive and recreational players.

    Overall, the VERSIX RAW 6C+ is more than just a paddle; it’s a game enhancer. Whether playing casually or competing in tournaments, this paddle is designed to elevate your game.

    And with a trial period offered by Pickleball Central, you can test drive it risk-free—another plus for any discerning player looking to make an informed purchase. Happy playing!

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