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    As of early 2024, there are 50,003 known pickleball courts across the United States. Let’s dive into some of the top spots where the community is thriving, the courts are plentiful, and your pickleball dreams can truly come alive.

    Are you dreaming of the perfect place to live where you can indulge in your pickleball passion daily? Well, you’re in luck. Across the U.S., cities are catching onto the pickleball craze, decking out parks with pristine courts and vibrant communities that live and breathe this exciting sport.

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just catching the bug, certain cities stand out as the ultimate havens for pickleball lovers. Grab your paddle; it’s time to explore!

    1. New York, NY

    Wollman Rink
    Wollman Rink – image courtesy of secretnyc.co

    Number of Pickleball Courts: New York City offers a rich array of pickleball courts (at least 151 outdoor pickleball courts and many more indoor courts in the five boroughs), including notable clusters like Marine Park’s eight dedicated courts and Wollman Rink’s 14 courts, the largest group in the Northeast.

    Pickleball Clubs: NYC Pickleball, City Pickle, Hell’s Kitchen Pickleball, The Pickle Club.

    Notable Tournaments: APP New York City Open, Major League Pickleball events, and the Salt City Open at Onondaga Lake Park.

    Read more about the best courts in NYC.

    2. St. Louis, MO

    Tower Grove Park
    Tower Grove Park – image courtesy of Kari R. Frey FREYtography 

    Number of Pickleball Courts: St. Louis features 46 diverse pickleball venues including 18 indoor courts at Missouri Pickleball Club and 8 outdoor courts at Tower Grove Park among others.

    Pickleball Clubs: St. Louis Pickleball, Missouri Pickleball Club, Paddle Up Pickleball Club, Ignite Pickleball.

    Notable Tournaments: St. Louis Open at the Missouri Pickleball Club.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in St. Louis.

    3. Mesa, AZ

    Arizona Athletic Grounds
    Arizona Athletic Grounds – image courtesy of USA Pickleball

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Mesa boasts an impressive array of 66 courts and our favorite spot is the Arizona Athletic Grounds with 41 outdoor courts.

    Pickleball Clubs: SVE Pickleball Club, Venture Out Pickleball Club, Leisure World Pickleball.

    Notable Tournaments: Mesa is set to host the prestigious 2024 Biofreeze USA Pickleball National Championships; the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup is another major event.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Mesa.

    4. Seattle, WA

    Bainbridge Island founders club
    Bainbridge Island founders club – image courtesy of Intopickleball

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Seattle is well-equipped with over 47 indoor and outdoor pickleball courts across various parks and recreation centers (Bainbridge Island founders club, Delridge Community Center, Rainier Beach Community Center) providing ample space for both casual and competitive play.

    Pickleball Clubs: Seattle Metro Pickleball Association, Smash Pickleball.

    Notable Tournaments: Seattle Metro Classic.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Seattle.

    5. San Diego, CA

    Robb Field Recreation Center
    Robb Field Recreation Center – image courtesy of SDNews

    Number of Pickleball Courts: San Diego offers more than 50 outdoor and indoor pickleball courts. Notable locations include the Morley Field Sports Complex with 16 dedicated courts and the Robb Field Recreation Center offering six courts with stunning views of the surrounding area.

    Pickleball Clubs: San Diego Pickleball Club, The Hub Pickleball, Castle Creek Pickleball Club.

    Notable Tournaments: San Diego Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament and the San Diego International Pickleball Tournament.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in San Diego.

    6. Tucson, AZ

    Udall Park
    Udall Park – image courtesy of Tucsontopia

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Tucson, Arizona, has 30 pickleball courts in total. Notable locations include the Udall Park Recreation Center with 10 dedicated outdoor courts and the Voyager RV Resort offering additional courts for pickleball enthusiasts.

    Pickleball Clubs: Tucson Pickleball Club, Southern Arizona Pickleball Association, Ace Pickleball Club, Tucson Racquet & Fitness Club.

    Notable Tournaments: Tucson Open Pickleball Tournament and the Arizona Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament.

    7. Las Vegas, NV

    Plaza Hotel & Casino
    Plaza Hotel & Casino – image courtesy of USTA pickleball invitational

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Las Vegas, Nevada, offers 41 courts. We recommend the Plaza Hotel & Casino, known for its 20 outdoor courts, and Sunset Park with its 24 outdoor hard and concrete courts.

    Pickleball Clubs: Southern Nevada Pickleball Association, Vegas Indoor Pickleball, Durango Hill Pickleball Club, Sun City Pickleball Club.

    Notable Tournaments: Las Vegas Pickleball Open and the Sin City Pickleball Tournament.

    8. Austin, TX

    Austin Pickle Ranch
    Austin Pickle Ranch – image courtesy of Dallasites101

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Austin, Texas, offers 46 courts, including the South Austin Recreation Center and the Austin Tennis Center and Austin Pickle Ranch.

    Pickleball Clubs: Austin Pickleball Social Club, Pickleland, Austin Pickle Ranch, Eastside Paddle Club.

    Notable Tournaments: Austin Open Pickleball Tournament and the Texas Senior Games Pickleball Tournament.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Austin.

    9. Tampa, FL

    MacFarlane Park
    MacFarlane Park – image courtesy of Tampa Gov

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Tampa, Florida, is home to 49 pickleball courts, including the MacFarlane Park with 8 courts and Cuscaden Park with 6 courts.

    Pickleball Clubs: Tampa Bay Pickleball Club, Sun City Center Pickleball Club, Tampa Pickleball Crew.

    Notable Tournaments: Tampa Bay Senior Games Pickleball Tournament and the Florida State Senior Games.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Tampa.

    10. Los Angeles, CA

    Poinsettia Recreation Center
    Poinsettia Recreation Center – image courtesy of Christine Lozada

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Los Angeles offers over 55 pickleball courts. Some of our favorite locations include the Poinsettia Recreation Center and the Pasadena Senior Center.

    Pickleball Clubs: Los Angeles Pickleball Club, LA Pickle Club, Westchester LA Pickleball, PowerPlay Pickleball, Calabasas Pickleball Club.

    Notable Tournaments: LA Open Pickleball Tournament and the California State Games.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Los Angeles.

    11. Chicago, IL

    McFetridge Sports Center
    McFetridge Sports Center – image courtesy of mcfetridgesportscenter.com

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Chicago offers 46 pickleball courts and plans to build 50 new courts by 2025. Noteworthy spots include the Lincoln Park Tennis Center and the McFetridge Sports Center.

    Pickleball Clubs: Chicago Pickleball Club, Chicago Sport and Social Club, Social Pickleball Fun.

    Notable Tournaments: Windy City Pickleball Classic and the Chicago International Pickleball Tournament.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Chicago.

    12. Atlanta, GA

    Sandy Springs Tennis Center
    Sandy Springs Tennis Center – image courtesy of Your Serve Tennis

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Atlanta is home to over 40 pickleball courts, with standout venues like Bitsy Grant Tennis Center and Sandy Springs Tennis Center, both known for their exceptional facilities and inviting atmosphere.

    Pickleball Clubs: Atlanta Pickleball Association, Atlanta Pickleball Club, Atlanta Pickleball Center, Pickle & Social.

    Notable Tournaments: Atlanta hosts several tournaments including the Peachtree City Pickleball Championships and the Atlanta Open Pickleball Tournament.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Atlanta.

    13. Miami, FL

    DETA Pickleball Club
    DETA Pickleball Club – image courtesa of DETA Pickleball Club

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Miami features a total of 23 dedicated pickleball courts. DETA Pickleball Club is one of the largest pickleball facilities in Miami-Dade County, but we also like the Miccosukee Golf and Country Club and the Riviera Tennis Center, both offering 8 outdoor courts.

    Pickleball Clubs: DETA Pickleball Club, Miami Shores Tennis and Pickleball Club.

    Notable Tournaments: A key tournament hosted in Miami is the “305 Series,” which is organized at the DETA Pickleball Club.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Miami.

    14. Denver, CO

    Cornerstone Park
    Cornerstone Park – image courtesy of Humanitix

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Denver is home to 42 pickleball courts. We love the Congress Park with its 4 outdoor courts, Cornerstone Park (8 outdoor courts), and the Gates Tennis Center.

    Pickleball Clubs: Denver Pickleball, YMCA of Metro Denver, Epic Pickleball Club, 3rd Shot Pickleball.

    Notable Tournaments: n 2024, Denver will host several major pickleball tournaments, including the USA Pickleball Golden Ticket in July, the World Pickleball Tour Denver Challenger in June, the PPA Colorado Pro Tournament in July, and the Colorado Open – Pikes Peak or Bust in August​.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Denver.

    15. Minneapolis, MN

    Westwood Play Fields
    Westwood Play Fields – image courtesy of Bounce Game

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Minneapolis has embraced pickleball, offering 33 courts across the city. The best ones include Westwood Play Fields (12 outdoor courts) and Lone Lake (8 courts).

    Pickleball Clubs: Minneapolis Pickleball Club, Twin Cities Pickleball Club, Lucky Shots Pickleball Club, Chip’s Pickleball Club.

    Notable Tournaments: Twin Cities Classic Pickleball Tournament and the North Star State Games.

    Read more about the best pickleball courts in Minneapolis.

    16. Charlotte, NC

    Clarks Creek Community Park
    Clarks Creek Community Park – image courtesy of Pickleheads

    Number of Pickleball Courts: You can find 38 indoor and outdoor pickleball courts in Charlotte​. Some of the top-rated courts include Clarks Creek Community Park, which features 8 courts, and the Levine Jewish Community Center, which offers 14 courts.

    Pickleball Clubs: Pickleball Charlotte, The Dinkery, Charlotte Pickleball Association, Charlotte Pickleball Club.

    Notable Tournaments: Golden Pickleball Tour 24, Pickleball Charlotte Open and the Charlotte Amateur Open.

    17. Orlando, FL

    USTA National Campus at Lake Nona
    USTA National Campus at Lake Nona – image courtesy of PPA

    Number of Pickleball Courts: Orlando has a vibrant pickleball scene with a total of 99 outdoor courts and 36 indoor courts available across the city​​. Some of the best courts in Orlando include the USTA National Campus at Lake Nona with 12 outdoor courts, and the ClearOne Sports Centre, which offers 13 courts.

    Pickleball Clubs: Greater Orlando Pickleball Club, Pickle X Club.

    Notable Tournaments: World Pickleball Tour Orlando Challenger and MLP by Margaritaville.

    How did we come up with our list?

    When we picked the top cities for pickleball lovers, we looked at a bunch of important stuff:

    1. Lots of Courts: We checked out cities with plenty of places to play, both indoors and outdoors. This means more options to hit the courts year-round, rain or shine.
    2. Vibrant Communities: A city needs a lively pickleball scene with active clubs that welcome both newbies and pros. It’s all about having people to play with and events that bring everyone together.
    3. Regular Tournaments: We love cities that host big pickleball tournaments. It’s a sign that there’s a competitive spirit and lots of opportunities to challenge yourself.
    4. Support from the City: Some cities really back their pickleball scenes by investing in new courts and promoting the sport. That kind of support can make a big difference.
    5. Great Facilities: Lastly, we looked at the quality of the courts and facilities. Good lighting, nice surfaces, and a few extra comforts like seating and restrooms make playing more enjoyable.

    By focusing on these factors, we found cities that are not just places to play pickleball, but real havens for enthusiasts of the sport.

    Are there any cities not recommended for pickleball lovers?

    If you’re on the hunt for the best cities to play pickleball, it’s good to know that not all spots will make the cut. Some cities just don’t have enough courts, and the ones they do have might always be packed or not in the best shape.

    Then there’s the weather to think about. If it’s often super cold, scorchingly hot, or just too rainy, you’ll find it hard to get any game time, especially if there aren’t any indoor courts. And in some cities, even if the sport is growing, local support might not be strong, meaning fewer investments in courts and facilities.

    On the flip side, in cities where pickleball is really popular, you might end up facing the opposite problem: too many players and not enough courts, leading to longer waits and less playtime. So, it’s all about finding that balance and that’s exactly what we looked at when selecting the cities featured on our list.

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